Our county election manifesto

All policies of the Greens are strongly based on supporting human rights and an egalitarian society with overall equality in the centre of all operations. The Finnish welfare state relies on strong primary health care and provides humane, effective, and preventive health care services. The governance and decision-making of the wellbeing services counties is transparent, comprehensible, and easy to follow. Egalitarian channels of influence will be ensured so that all residents can participate in the evaluation and development of the decision-making.


There is a short and a long version of our county election manifesto. You can read the short version on this page, the long version can be found here.

Our short county election manifesto:


  • The purpose of the wellbeing services county is to, above all, be responsible for the wellbeing of the population of the county. Services must be provided and accessible for people of all ages in all life situations and stages.
  • All service users, especially those residents in weaker positions in the society, must be heard as a part of the county’s decision-making.
  • Focus on the fight against poverty and inequality: Equal and comprehensive social and health services must be available to all citizens, regardless of their place of residence or situation in life.
  • A client’s situation must be addressed holistically rather than addressing an individual challenge in their lives.
  • Ensuring the continuity of employment services.
  • The services must always be available in one’s own language.

Prevention and effectiveness

  • Strengthening public primary health care and basic social services, thus shifting the focus to preventive low-threshold basic services.
  • Ensuring the right care for everyone at the right time.
  • Providing lighter services with an individual focus on the specific needs of the individual or a family and supporting their daily lives.
  • Ensuring that all schools and educational institutions have a school nurse, social worker, psychiatric nurse, or other member of a multidisciplinary team within reach without an appointment. If necessary, an appointment with a school psychologist or a school doctor must be made possible without a delay.
  • Easy access sexual counselling and, if necessary, sexual therapy must be available for everyone.
  • Organising the care in such a way that the continuity of care, the seamless care chains, and personal doctor system can be ensured.

Social responsibility

  • Research-based, regular, and continuous evaluation of quality and service availability is carried out at all service levels and areas.
  • The environmental impacts of the procurement are considered.
  • Securing and offering more opportunities to employees to influence and develop their careers, as well as further educate themselves. Job rotation and the right level of pay must also be addressed.
  • Supporting the wellbeing of the personnel, increasing motivation and commitment by investing in the work community skills and working capacity management.
  • Sufficient time must be allocated for supervision duties.
  • Introducing anonymous recruitment as a part of high-quality recruitment.