Parliamentary election 2023 programme

Securing biodiversity for future generations

Humans are part of nature and completely dependent on it. Therefore we must stop the destruction of nature. Biodiversity in itself is an intrinsic value, and it is our job to ensure that it can flourish. We must protect our country’s natural forests, mires and water bodies. Destroyed and weakened nature must be restored. Nature must become a stronger part of cities as well. The environmental harm of an action must be included in the cost of the action. We will direct funding to environmentally sustainable changes in production and to adequate water protection structures. We promote the protection of the Archipelago Sea.

We defend equality, democracy and human rights

All social activities must be based on respect for human rights. Everyone should have the freedom to be themselves. Support must be given especially to those people whose opportunities are reduced by prejudice, difficult circumstances, weak socio-economic status or background. No single characteristic should determine an individual’s value or humanity in the eyes of society. Equality is a part of the Finnish story. We will continue advancing it in our society. We will dismantle the structures that cause inequality. We will continue preventing discrimination and racism

Opportunities to learn and succeed for everyone

Most Finnish children and young people are doing well. However, some are at risk of falling outside the safety nets of society. We must ensure that every child has access to high-quality early childhood education and basic education, as well as to the support they need throughout their educational path. Education and research are investments with which we build the future. The level of education must be raised, and skills must be strengthened throughout Finland. The Finnish model of hobbies will be implemented so that all children and young people have access to at least one hobby they enjoy. We will ensure everyone has the opportunity to experience culture equally. 

We will reform the economy and steer towards sustainable solutions through taxation.

Financing a welfare society and sustainable investments requires strong public economy. Structural reforms must be made so that the sustainability of public economy can be ensured and that we can survive future crises as well. We must accelerate the process of fair and equitable change towards a climate-positive economy. Taxation should be kept at the Nordic level that secures the financing of the welfare state. The economy must support people’s well-being and social justice, and exist within the limits set by the environment’s carrying capacity. We will implement a tax reform, where the focus of taxation will be shifted from the taxation of work to the taxation of environmental and other harms and consumption. 

We will secure Finland’s energy independence and climate goals

People and goods must move throughout the country and across borders smoothly and sustainably. We will reform the financial management of traffic and transport so that it encourages sustainable choices in a regionally fair manner. We will support citizens’ sustainable choices so that everyone has the opportunity to live sustainably. We will invest in the promotion of public, pedestrian and bicycle transport and emission-free traffic. Investments in railways will be increased, with special emphasis on connections that replace domestic air traffic. We will direct air traffic subsidies to improving train connections. Responding to the climate emergency and reducing fossil dependence is becoming more urgent. Finland has already succeeded in reducing its emissions, but there is still a lot to be done. We will speed up the green transition towards a climate-positive economy. 

Promoting global stability, peace and security

A good life is built on the experience of security and justice. Security is not only born from the fight against external threats to our society. We must also address the forces that are tearing us apart internally. We prepare for new threats such as hybrid influencing and cyber attacks. International agreements limiting the harms of war must be strengthened. A nuclear-weapon-free world must be promoted. Our military conscription must be developed and Finland’s defense capability secured in all situations. We will reassess Finland’s position in defense co-operation and strengthen alliances with other countries.

We will tackle the care crisis, support children and young people and improve mental health services

The promise of the Finnish welfare state is that people receive humane and effective health care regardless of their life situation and place of residence. By strengthening basic public services, equal and accessible services are ensured for everyone who needs them. The focus must be shifted to the prevention of diseases and the promotion of health and well-being. Mental health should be taken as seriously as physical health. We will supplement the services offered by the public sector with private and third sector services. We will strengthen the supervision of services to ensure quality. We will give wellbeing services counties the right to tax. This is to ensure self-governance and strengthen funding to encourage prevention.